Our Story

At Giraffe Cool our everyday goal is to inspire!

We do this by providing the highest quality socks with exciting designs that will let you celebrate your style the best way possible.


We want to empower everyone to be unique - To express their groove through a pair of socks! 


Since we want to adapt to you and foment your freedom of Style, we wrap all socks with a pair of perfect-matching shoelaces that will give that remarkable shimmering touch to the lower portion of your outfit in a very chic way.



Our Story

Born in May 2015 in the heart of Manizales, Colombia, Giraffe Cool has changed the lives of hundreds of happy customers throughout the country.

After great approval and a successful campaign in the Colombian market, reaching over 30 boutiques within Colombia and several international distributors, Giraffe Cool has come to Canada to make a positive difference!

We are a team of over 60 employees working hard every day in order to make the best quality products. We have always ensured that all of our employees work under optimal working conditions and are meticulously taken care off. We believe that the happiness and wellbeing of our team will be directly reflected in the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.  



Each of our socks made with extremely high quality microfiber, mercerized or brushed cotton and goes through a meticulous manufacturing process.

A Lonati Sangiacomo y Matec, Italian sewing machine is used for embroidery. The ‘closing’ process is made in a Conti machine, and the ironing process on a Firsan steam machine manufactured in Spain.

We ensure to comply with all legal and health terms and with a clean production process that DOES NOT affect our beautiful environment.

 At Giraffe Cool we want YOU to introduce a perky bit of fun and excitement into your life and we strive to empower and make you feel special every time you’re rocking a pair of our frisky socks.

We strive to keep up-to-date in fashion trends and always keep our style and designs fresh. This means that, no matter the season, our customers will always experience the exclusivity they desire.


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If you have questions, suggestions and/or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@giraffecool.com